Troy Evans: From Desperation to Dedication


...I wish more people would take their poor decisions and turn them into a positive like you did.
-Family Savings Credit Union

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Troy Evans is a Former Bank Robber!

On November 12, 1992, Troy Evans was sentenced to 13 years in Federal Prison. He was convicted of five armed bank robberies, in three states, over a six-month crime spree, and was sent to the Federal Correctional Complex in Florence, Colorado. His neighbors included such notorious criminals as Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols. Troy was released on December 13, 1999, over seven and one-half years later. 

Despite the obstacles that only prison can produce, Troy was determined that his time behind bars would not be wasted time. Education would be his saving grace. After six months of filling out applications, writing essays, begging, pleading, and selling, Troy landed his first scholarship for one class. That was a beginning, and when Troy walked out the doors of prison he carried with him two degrees, both obtained with a 4.0 GPA and designation on the Dean’s and President’s list. (more…)

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Troy’s Most Popular Programs

Corporate and Association
Education Related
Banks, Credit Unions, Financial Institutions
Counselors/Social Workers
HR Professionals
Youth Audiences

It is not important how we come to the events in our lives…what is important is how we deal with those events
– Troy Evans, Professional Speaker and Author

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The only reliable means that our Financial Institutions have to improve Prevention, Apprehension and Recovery, involves training, training and more training. For years and years to come, this 45 minute DVD and CD will prove to be a valuable training resource for your employees and will ensure that they are armed with practical knowledge and tools. thorAVAILABLE NOW IN A TWO SET PACKET; IN BOTH DVD AND CD ROM FORMAT Robberies of our Financial Institutions remain a steady trend. In many areas of the country, they are hitting at an alarming and increasing rate.

Click HERE to watch a preview.

• Robbery Prevention: Reducing Your Risk

• Robbery Response: Protecting Customers, Members and Staff

• Robbery Response: Aiding Law Enforcement

Read on for more details on how this program can help protect your bank, CU, employees, members and customers!

Professionally shot, produced and edited, this valuable training tool is the combined effort of one of the country’s largest and most premier state financial associations in conjunction with The Evans Group.

For the past 12 years State Banking Associations, Credit Union Leagues/Associations as well as individual Banks and Credit Unions, have been bringing in Troy Evans,

dvd-shot-lgProfessional Speaker and Best Selling Author, to deliver training keynotes on the very subjects that are covered in this DVD and CD. Troy has met and interviewed over 300 convicted Bank and Credit Union Robbers and will provide “real life” insight into the “mind of the enemy.” Troy’s experiences, combined with those of a long time Law Enforcement Officer and Security Consultant, the President and CEO of a large Financial Institution that was Robbed and a Teller who was on the front lines during a Robbery will provide expert advice from all angles. This is an opportunity for your Financial Institution to benefit from and realize the value of:

  • On-Demand Training
  • Quick implementation with every new hire
  • Small group settings,
  • Without having to bear the expense of hosting a large meeting or conference
  • Incorporation into standard, in-house training program

Also, as an added bonus, the CD ROM contains downloadable material/resources to enhance the training experience. The Resources Section includes such valuable tools as:


The Evans Group guarantee to you: If you do not find this product to be informative, valuable and applicable in bringing your Bank or Credit Union Employees up to speed on the latest in Robbery Prevention, Apprehension and Recovery…simply return it within 30 days, no questions asked, for a full refund.

thorOrder now at the low introductory price of $399.95 Or if you prefer to order by mail or fax…For a printable mail order form, click below:

MS Word Doc Order Form

This valuable training tool can be watched via DVD or on a personal computer in CD ROM format. It will prove to be a resource that your Bank or Credit Union Personnel can benefit from for years and years to come. Troy’s program will provide your front line people with the very latest in Robbery Prevention, Apprehension and Recovery information.

“The practical tips you interspersed on how to avoid and handle a bank robbery situation were also appreciated by our bankers. Some later commented how your suggestions were so simple to implement, yet never previously considered as robbery deterrents.” Joe Ellison, CEO, West Virginia Bankers Association

Call us for more details, or buy online TODAY!


Or you can also order over the phone by calling The Evans Group at 602-206-5261.


“As the acting Law Enforcement Coordinator for the U.S. Attorney’s Office, Southern District of Indiana, my role is to help put together conferences and other training opportunities for law enforcement that are meaningful and relevant, and beneficial for all those that attend. Your participation in this year’s conference was instrumental in meeting these goals and was very much appreciated.”

~ Todd Phelps

“Wow- what a way to close a successful Leadership Conference. Your message was not only inspirational but also provided practical tips on robberies for the bankers”

~Yvette Remschel, Vice-President Education, Independent Bankers Association of Texas


“The evaluations and feedback we received from the Credit Union Members who attended this function included:

• “Riveting and Valuable” • “This session could not have been improved on in any way” • “Best part of the Conference” ~ Donna Hulick, Manager or Education and Training, New Jersey Credit Union League

“It was a pleasure to have you speak at our Detecting Fraud and Managing Risks Conference. In reviewing your evaluations the comments were exceptional, Great Job!”

~ John Berra, Marketing Director, CU Conferences

“It has been a privilege and pleasure working with you on the FBI- Financial Institution Crime Conferences. It was a very successful event that was directly related to your wonderful presentation.”

~Debby Adair, Director of Risk Management Services, SWACHA

In FROM DESPERATION TO DEDICATION, Troy shows you how—by taking responsibility for your own choices—you, too, can change your life. Troy’s story proves that what seems like the end of the road may actually be a new beginning, and that no situation is ever without hope. Whether you’re seeking inspiration for yourself or someone close to you, whether you want to make a big change or a small one, Troy’s story will move and motivate you—and put you on your own path from desperation to dedication.

Desperation to Dedication Book:$24.95 BookCoverFinal Buy NowAdd to Cart
robbery preventionRecorded Live in 2013 this valuable training tool offers the latest into Troy’s insight on how to keep the would be robber from choosing your branch, what to do during the unthinkable should you be targeted and the steps to take immediately following a robbery to aid law enforcement and enhance the recovery of monies taken and apprehension of those responsible.

A 45 minute webinar/audioconference titled “Robbery Prevention, Apprehension and Recovery: Through the Eyes of a Former Bank Robber”.  This latest training in robbery prevention, apprehension and recovery comes in MP3 format with PowerPoint slides that go hand in hand with the material covered. 

For those Financial Institutions who have utilized my DVD/CD ROM “Deterring and Responding to Robberies: A Training Tool for Financial Institutions” as your standard of robbery training over the last few years you will find this to be a great compliment in expanding on areas already covered as well as new insights into “Robber Proofing” your Financial Institutions. 

Historically bank/credit union robberies have increased dramatically over the last 20 years.  Combine this with our current economy, the high unemployment rate, our countries preoccupation with drugs and the ease in which gambling can be accessed and we find ourselves in a time where “Robber Proofing” your financial institution has never been more important.  When it comes to Robbery Prevention, Apprehension and Recovery no one can provide us greater insight than Troy Evans.

Today he is a speaker and consultant, sharing his story of endurance and personal transformation with audiences around the world. For over a decade now, he has provided financial institutions with real-life insight surrounding robbery prevention, apprehension and recovery. He didn’t go to bank-robbing school. He didn’t read a manual or serve and apprenticeship. Like many of his peers, he was simply a natural at finding the path of least resistance.

Having met and interviewed over 300 bank and credit union robbers he is able to give us a “look into the mind of the enemy”.

Troy answers questions such as:

  • Why robberies are on the rise nationwide and why he believe this trend will continue
  • Why are “morning glory” robberies on the rise and how do we counter this
  • Why would-be robbers always take the path of lease resistance
  • How are institutions cased
  • How do I get my bank employees to buy into their importance in robbery prevention
  • Case by case analysis on dye packs and when to activate the silent alarm
  • The rate of recidivism for bank robbers and do prior robberies mean that we are high risk
  • Why do over 50% of all robberies occur on Friday’s between 9 and 11 am
  • How to conduct a Risk Assessment through Law Enforcement and Crime Statistics
  • How are most bank robbers apprehended
  • How physical locations are viewed by would-be robbers
  • What to do during a robbery and what actions to take immediately following a robbery
  • Why employees are you most important resource when it comes to robbery prevention, apprehension and recovery
  • How to utilize Suspicious Activity Logs and Non-Disclosure Contracts

45 Min Webinar: $299.95

Buy NowAdd to Cart

Operation SafeCatch

Operation SafeCatch DVD Troy

Operation SafeCatch DVD
Troy Evans

These two DVDs evolved from the mutual objective of The Evans Group and EHS Design to create a unique customer and staff experience that would reduce robberies and fraud while increasing customer engagement and ROI at every branch through SafeCatch Training and SafeCatch Architecture. As a result, robberies and fraud have been reduced by 70 percent and share-of-wallet and revenue generation have been measurably increased where SafeCatch has been applied. EHS Design has partnered with Troy Evans, one of the nation’s leading security trainers and speakers, to deliver a comprehensive introduction to SafeCatch training and design. EHS Design provides branch branding, prototype development and architecture for banks across North America.This training program is conveniently split between two DVDs so your training needs are easily met by topic and schedule constraints.

Click HERE to view a demonstration video of this product.

Operation SafeCatch DVD Paul

Operation SafeCatch DVD

Written and produced by Troy Evans, The Evans Group.






Operation SafeCatch: $449.00Running time: 1 Hour 45 Minutes Operation SafeCatch Front Cover Buy NowAdd to Cart
This 90 minute program is Troy’s most popular keynote, recorded live, with audience Q&A interaction included. Can’t bring Troy in live? This is the next best thing! You are sure to get Troy’s best and most recent stuff!

90 minute VHS tape: $59.95 troy_live Buy NowAdd to Cart
90 minute DVD:$69.95:: Add to Cart
This 30 minute program is the “meat and potatoes” of Troy’s presentation, laced with lessons in overcoming adversity, adapting to change and pushing yourself to realize your full potential. Experience a program unlike any other!

 30 minute VHS:$19.95 troy_video Buy Now
Tape:30 minute DVD:$29.95 Buy NowAdd to Cart
From Desperation to Dedication:Lessons You Can Bank On 30 minute Audio CD:$13.95 CD Buy NowAdd to Cart
Purchase everything listed* (choice of VHS or DVD) for the low price of $109.95. That is a savings of $55.75 off ordering each individually, and you are guaranteed all the best that Troy has to offer. *Does not include Operation SafeCatch as well as Bank Training DVD.

(choice of VHS or DVD):109.95 productspecialnew Buy NowAdd to Cart
Troy Evans is a contributing author in this book of inspiring stories by inmates, prison staff, victims, and volunteers.

(Book Only):$14.95 ServingTimeCoverSM Buy NowAdd to Cart

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