Troy’s Times – February 1st, 2006

Hi Friend! Welcome to Troy’s free monthly electronic newsletter, developed for people interested in overcoming adversity, adapting to change and pushing oneself to realize their full potential. (Some characters in this newsletter have been altered to keep it from being filtered out as spam) IN THIS ISSUE Feature Article…From Cub Scout to Con Read a letter from a recent client My Partnership with DrugTALK…. Finally, an answer to Drug Abuse for our Young People! My Products Download the Pref^ce Chapter of my Book! See Troy Speak for FREE! Sign up for my affiliate progr^m and make money now! Click here to sign up for this e-zine! Earn a large commission for recommending me as a speaker! Subscriber opinions and impressions of this electronic newsletter as well as reader profiles FREE STUFF! “It is not important How we come to the events in our lives, but how we Deal with those events”- Troy Feel free to forward this issue to friends, family and associates! This week’s article: From Cub Scout to Con We all made choices to get where we are today. If we stand at the gate of change and look back, some of us can pinpoint an exact moment when things started to go wrong. For others, that moment may be blurred, and all we know is that we have spun out of control since. For me it was a little of both. How did I come to the point of robbing banks? How did I come to a time in my life where I was willing to point a gun in someone’s face and demand his or her money? I can assure you that I did not aspire to become a bank robber growing up. I did not walk into kindergarten career day and say, “When I grow up I want to spend a large chunk of my life in prison and cause my family a great deal of pain.” That was, however, the path that I chose. Believe it or not, I was once an honor role student. I played baseball and football so well that even when I was very young my coaches and parents thought I might go pro one day. I was surrounded by my teammates and friends and coaches encouraging me to do as well as I could. That was my ambition. I wanted to be a professional ball player. Then, when I was 14 years old, we moved to an entirely different city in an entirely different state and everything changed. If you’ve ever moved, you may already be familiar with some of the dynamics of making new friends. For the most part, there is an initiation process. To get in with the cool kids, you have to show them that you’re cool. To get in with the jocks, you have to be a good athlete. But, to get in with the “bad kids,” all you have to do is be bad. Had I been able to join up with a baseball or football team as soon as I