Troy’s Times – March 1st, 2006

Hi Friend! Welcome to Troy’s free monthly electronic newsletter, developed for people interested in overcoming adversity, adapting to change and pushing oneself to realize their full potential. (Some characters in this newsletter have been altered to keep it from being filtered out as spam) IN THIS ISSUE Feature Article…Financial Aid for the Non-Traditional Student My Partnership with DrugTALK…. Finally, an answer to Drug Abuse for our Young People! My Products Download the Pref^ce Chapter of my Book! See Troy Speak for FREE! Sign up for my affiliate progr^m and make money now! Click here to sign up for this e-zine! Earn a large commission for recommending me as a speaker! Subscriber opinions and impressions of this electronic newsletter as well as reader profiles FREE STUFF! “It is not important How we come to the events in our lives, but how we Deal with those events”- Troy Feel free to forward this issue to friends, family and associates! This week’s article: SECURING FINANCIAL AID FOR THE NON-TRADITIONAL STUDENT     Having spent seven and one half years within the confines of a Federal Prison I was determined that my time behind bars would not be wasted time. Education would be my saving grace. Unfortunately, my aspirations coincided with Federal Pell Grants be eliminated for the incarcerated. Undeterred, I set out to secure funding on my own through scholarships, grants and foundation assistance. After six months of filling out applications, writing essays, begging, pleading and selling, I landed his first scholarship for one class. That was a beginning, and when I walked out the doors of prison I carried with me two degrees, both obtained with a 4.0 GPA and designation on both the Dean’s and President’s list. I now want to share with you some highlights in securing financial aid for the Non-traditional student Your first attempts should be through the School or University you have chosen to attend via correspondence. Most institutions will offer some type of scholarship program/package through an alumni association, a foundation or a sponsorship group. Some people may choose to research what is available in the form of financial aid at several different schools, making that the determinant in what school they will attend. This is first and foremost the quickest way to land a scholarship. · Apply for federal and state aid. Although the incarcerated do not qualify for either, many scholarships which you will apply for in the future require that you first exhaust these two possibilities. · Contact the Department of Commerce where you reside, as well as where the school is located. Get from them a listing of all Civic and Service clubs in their area (Kiwanis, Rotary Club, Lions, Elks, etc.) and contact these clubs individually. They often times sponsor scholarships, and more importantly they often earmark their scholarship money towards “hard luck” cases such as those incarcerated. · Associations within your area. These can be brought up easily on any search engine, and the key here is to contact the Public Affairs Division and inquire as to