Webinar: Robbery Proofing Your Bank or Credit Union

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Hear Direct from a Former Banker Robber

Robber Proofing Your Bank or Credit Union

With our current economy, the high unemployment rate, our countries preoccupation with drugs and the ease in robber-troywhich gambling can be accessed we find ourselves in a time where “Robber Proofing” your bank has never been more important.  When it comes to Robbery Prevention, Apprehension and Recovery no one can provide us greater insight than Troy Evans. Today he is a speaker and consultant, sharing his story of endurance and personal transformation with audiences around the world. For nearly a decade now, he has provided financial institutions with real-life insight surrounding robbery prevention, apprehension and recovery. He didn’t go to bank-robbing school. He didn’t read a manual or serve and apprenticeship. Like many of his peers, he was simply a natural at finding the path of least resistance. Having met and interviewed over 300 bank and credit union robbers he is able to give us a “look into the mind of the enemy.”

June 10th, 2014 at 11:00 AM Pacific / 1:00 PM Central / 2:00 PM Eastern

Troy answers questions such as:

  • Why robberies are on the rise nationwide and this trend will continue
  • Why “morning glory” robberies are on the rise and how we counter this
  • Why would-be robbers always take the path of least resistance
  • How institutions are cased
  • How to get bank employees to buy into their importance in preventing robberies
  • Case by case analysis of dye packs and when to activate the silent alarm
  • How to conduct a Risk Assessment through Law Enforcement and Crime Statistics
  • How most bank robbers are apprehended
  • How physical locations are viewed by would-be robbers
  • What to do during a robbery and what actions to take immediately following a robbery
  • How to utilize Suspicious Activity Logs and Non-Disclosure Contracts

The 3 Options for satisfying the training needs
of your Financial Institution Are:

Webinar Only – Robber Proofing your Bank or Credit Union

DVD Only – Deterring and Responding to Robberies
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Webinar and DVD

Following the event every attendee will receive an audio and web recording of the presentation via email.

Click Here for a full description and 6.5 minute demo video of the DVD/CD ROM “Deterring and Responding to Robberies.”  (Two customized versions of this training program…one for banks and another for credit unions)

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Your Speakertroy-speaker

Troy Evans

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