Troy’s Times – January 1st, 2006

Hi Friend! Welcome to Troy’s free monthly electronic newsletter, developed for people interested in overcoming adversity, adapting to change and pushing oneself to realize their full potential. (Some characters in this newsletter have been altered to keep it from being filtered out as spam) IN THIS ISSUE Feature Article…Panty Hose and a Pistol Read a letter from a recent client My Partnership with DrugTALK…. Finally, an answer to Drug Abuse for our Young People! My Products Download the Pref^ce Chapter of my Book! See Troy Speak for FREE! Sign up for my affiliate progr^m and make money now! Click here to sign up for this e-zine! Earn a large commission for recommending me as a speaker! Subscriber opinions and impressions of this electronic newsletter as well as reader profiles FREE STUFF! “It is not important How we come to the events in our lives, but how we Deal with those events”- Troy Feel free to forward this issue to friends, family and associates! This week’s article: Panty Hose and a Pistol Pantyhose and a pistol. I am sure that neither the Hanes Corporation nor Smith & Wesson ever intended for the two to be used within the same sentence, or as the title of this book’s preface. As a former bank robber, however, these were the tools of my trade. As a professional speaker, they continue to be today. When delivering a presentation on making life changes, I start by thanking the audience for their time, and letting them know that it is both my pleasure and my honor to be there with them to share my story. I then ask them to take a close look at my face. I explain that this is the face of a loving husband and father. This is the face of a recent college graduate who earned both of his degrees with the highest academic honors. This is the face of a kind man, an honest man, a trustworthy man and a man of his word. For humor, I throw in that this just may be the face of a man who could sit them down at their kitchen table and sell them a term life insurance policy. As the chuckles die down, I again ask them to take a close look at this face. I then turn my back to the audience, pull pantyhose over my head and turn back around while leveling a replica of a semiautomatic pistol in their direction. I then ask them to take a look at my face again. This is the face of a man who, on March 20th, 1992, walked into the First Tier National Bank, pointed a semiautomatic pistol at the face of the teller, and demanded all of the ’20s, ’50s and hundreds – my first of five armed bank robberies committed over a six-month crime spree. Again, I ask them to please take a close look at my face. In my life, I have worn both faces. The transformation between the two – suicidal, drug-addicted, bank robber to what