Lock Up Your Loved Ones

Family clip artMany of my recent posts have been centered around my business and I think it is time to touch on the importance of the loved ones in our lives.

It is not what we have in our lives but who, and we all need to ask ourselves if we are spending the least time with the people who are the most important?

Let these people know you love them and let them know often. Make them feel special every day. Don’t wait one more day lest it is too late. Regrets down the road are mistakes made today. Please don’t ever take these people for granted.

I am fortunate enough to be surrounded by a family of people who, through trials and tribulations, have been vigilant in their love. When I was on drugs, they tried to intervene. When I lost touch, they didn’t lose hope. When I was branded society’s outcast, they hugged me tightest. When they were taken away from me, I finally knew their worth.

Let these people know you love them and let them know often. Let them know how special they are every day. Watch your kids and fight to protect them no matter how much they rebel against it. Pick up the phone and call your parents, or better yet, visit them, they will not always be there for you. Hug your loved ones close and be true to your commitments and you will have that love reflected back to you. Lock up your loved ones so that you will never have to regret the things that were not said or the love not given. They will be your cheerleaders, your confidants, and your reality check. As you are there for them, they will be there for you. It will make a difference to them and it will make a difference in you.

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