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From Desperation to Dedication: Lessons You Can Bank On

Troy Evans didn’t go to bank robbing school. He didn’t read a manual or serve an apprenticeship. Like many of his peers, he was simply a natural at finding the path of least resistance.

Troy takes us beyond the profile reports of the common criminal and offers first-hand accounts so tangible that his audiences will be talking about his stories for years. He answers question such as: What goes through the mind of an armed drug addict as he cases a bank branch? How does desperation spark inventive solutions? And, what can banks do to deter a desperate criminal?

Weaving the similarities between his motives for choosing a bank, the mistakes he made in his young life, and the tendency of human nature to choose the easy path, Troy’s parable-like delivery provides a real look at how we can secure our banks as we would our own lives.

Rehabilitated and committed to helping those he once hurt, Evans is now a speaker who can take bankers beyond the profile sheets and provide them with a look inside the mind of a real-life bank robber.

“Troy’s history as a student-athlete and then to drugs, bank robberies, federal prison, and then to success through education is a compelling story. The audience of bankers was held at full attention as he told how he came to rob banks and how he selected his victims. His story of overcoming adversity with determination is a valuable motivation to adults.”
– Jim Simpson, Dacotah Bank

If interested, please ask about Troy’s new Secret Shopper program that he has developed for Financial Institutions. Click HERE to submit an inquiry.


Partial Client List:

Click Here for a “One Sheet” further outlining this program.

  • Virginia Association of Community Banks
  • Family Savings Credit Union
  • Coulee Damn Federal Credit Union
  • North Cascades Bank
  • Independent Community Banks of North Dakota
  • The Risk Management Association
  •  Shazam
  •  Mid-America Credit Union Association
  •  Illinois Bankers Association
  •  First Mid-Illinois Bank & Trust
  •  Independent Community Bankers of South Dakota
  •  Colorado East Bank and Trust
  •  Independent Bankers of Colorado
  •  Michigan State University Credit Union
  •  Connecticut Community Bankers Association
  •  Information Technologies Credit Union Association
  •  New York Bankers Association
  •  Lake Region Bankers Association
  •  National Association Of Credit Union Supervisory And Auditing Committees
  •  Alaska Credit Union League
  •  Tennessee Bankers Association
  •  Community Bankers of Wisconsin
  •  CU Conferences, Inc.
  •  Independent Community Bankers Association of New Mexico
  •  Missouri Independent Bankers Association
  •  Mississippi Bankers Association
  •  New Jersey Credit Union League
  •  West Virginia Bankers Association
  •  Independent Bankers Association of Texas
  •  Commercial State Bank
  •  Washington Independent Community Bankers Association
  •  Independent Bankers of Colorado
  •  New Frontier Bank
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