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From Desperation to Dedication: The Strength to Believe

This program rejuvenates audience members and revives their vision and purpose. Troy shares his stories of failure and success to demonstrate the power that we all have within, when we have the strength to believe and the vision to see the potential in ourselves and our personal and professional relationships.

In today’s ever-changing world, the emotional drain can be intense and disillusionment can lurk around every corner. Troy Evans’ story serves as an example of what happens when your professionals have the strength to believe. Audience members will walk away with real insight into overcoming adversity, adapting to change, and pushing themselves to realize their full potential.

“Wow! I have to tell you how powerful your presentation was at our monthly meeting. I could see how our members were transfixed on your story and message.”
~Keely Fagen, Executive Director, South Carolina Society of Association Executives

Internal Prisons: The Thief of Productivity and Quality in our Workforce

It is Troy’s belief that prison does not necessarily mean steel bars and razor wire. That we all have “prisons within ourselves”, prisons that are just as confining as the one that held him for 7.5 years. Prisoners to fears, addictions, depression, overeating, overworking, bad relationships- the list could go on and on. What does this have to do with management? Only when we ourselves, as well as those we bring into our companies are “whole” personally can we all become better professionally.

It is also Troy’s belief that these internal prisons are the number one cause of lost productivity within our workforce. If people are worried about their relationships, their addictions, their fears, are they going to give you the best eight hours they possibly can? No, they’re going to be on the phone mending relationships, feeding addictions and being preoccupied with their fears.

His program encourages managers and employees to be proactive in their work, not reactive. Reactive people let the environment dictate what they do and in a sense protect them. He shows business professionals how they can become better people, and what is truly important in their lives. Only then can they become the most they can be on the job. He also touches on diversity in the workforce- relating the importance of employing ex-convicts.

No flip charts and statistics. Just a real life explanation on how they and those they employee can escape their internal prisons using the same tools and methods he used to escape his prison.

Partial Client List:  

Click Here for a PDF “One Sheet” further outlining this program.

  •  MPI-Southern California
  •  SomerCor 504 Inc.
  •  Agilysys
  •  Professional Convention Management Association
  •  Medical Group Management Association
  •  DeLorme and Associates
  •  JiffyLube
  •  Ultra-Chem
  •  Eagan Companies
  •  Association of Legal Administrators
  •  South Carolina Society of Association Executives
  •  Worknet Pinellas
  •  Illinois Court Reporters Association
  •  Wisconsin Transportation Builders Association
  •  Medical Group Management Association- Arizona
  •  National Potato Council
  •  Society of Government Meeting Professionals, Central Florida Chapter
  •  SWACHA, Inc.
  •  U.S. Department of Justice, United States Attorney, District of Indiana
  •  HBW Insurance and Financial Services
  •  Meeting Professionals International-Oregon
  •  Grant Taggart Symposium
  •  DLS
  •  Oregon Municipal Finance Officers Assoc.
  •  Brass Service Center Association
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