Counselors/Social Workers

From Desperation to Dedication: The Success of a Convict and his Caseworkers

Every day, healing professionals have to pick up the pieces when our society fails. The emotional drain can be intense and disillusionment can lurk around every corner. Troy Evans’ story serves as an example of what happens when your professionals have the strength to believe.

This program rejuvenates those who help others and revives their vision and purpose. Troy Evans shares his stories of failure and success to demonstrate the power that caseworkers and counselors wield when they have the strength to believe and the vision to see the potential in the clients that they serve.

“The story of your life journey conveys a powerful and inspiring message. I hope that everyone who heard you speak will have a new appreciation for looking at the negative events that occur in their lives and view these not as bad luck or tragedies but as hidden opportunities.” Craig Sulentic, CEO & President, The Egan Companies

Partial Client List:

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  •  Second Chance
  •  Project Return
  •  Northstar Center
  •  Worknet Pinellas
  •  Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce
  •  Circle of Nations
  •  Ottmar & Wambach
  •  Tri-County JOG
  •  Ohio State University Extension
  •  Promise Land
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