Robbery Recovery

The first step to take immediately following a robbery is to lock the door.  This eliminates the possibility of a hostage should the robber attempt to re-enter the institution after law enforcement arrives.  Employees also Robbery Recovery, Apprehending the Thiefshould attempt to observe the robbers route and means of escape, and then relay that information immediately to law enforcement via phone.  In addition, and just as importantly, each and every individual who was involved in the robbery should immediately (and not 10, 20, or 30 minutes later) write down every single detail, description and impression involving that robbery.

After my apprehension, and while going through trial, the most damaging testimony came from one teller who had taken it upon herself to immediately write down every description and detail that she could recall following the robbery- my hat and what kind it was; my sunglasses and what brand they were, my shirt and what was on it, my pants and what brand they were; and finally the brand and color of my shoes.  When she took the stand and began describing these details (as I was apprehended with these items), my attorney leaned over and said, “You better take the plea they are offering, you will never overcome this testimony.”  Make it policy at your financial institution that everyone involved in a robbery must immediately write down all impressions and descriptions as they are able to recall.

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