Robbery Training – Some Final Thoughts

Your frontline people are the most important and powerful robbery deterrent you have.  These individuals can keep you from being targeted.  Take a page out of the Wal-Mart book and make it a policy to meet and great as many people as possible who come through your doors.  You will end up pleasing your legitimate customers while scaring off any potential robbers.

Because complacency can be your greatest enemy, I would encourage you to implement the following immediately.

First, create a suspicious activity log.  Supply every workstation with a journal or notebook- something within reach where a quick note can be written if that person sees something out of the ordinary or someone they do not recognize. Management should review these notebooks, weekly, if not daily.  If a pattern is detected, then your institution may have been cased for a robbery and appropriate measures should be taken.

Second, have all employees sign a “non-disclosure” form.  One of the reasons I was successful as a bank and credit union robber was the fact that I had at one time dated a teller.  I knew about bait money, dye packs, second drawers, tracking devices, when money was counted, and so forth.  Little did she know at the time that she was providing me with valuable information that I would later utilize as a bank and credit union robber.  Require all of your employees to sign a “non-disclosure” form indicating that they will not share with anyone (family included) the policies of your institution surrounding security, procedures, and training.  Explain that if the information fell into the wrong hand, it could someday be used against them in a robbery situation.

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